Sunday, August 11, 2013

Last Day to Download HOUSE OF MIRRORS for FREE!

This weekend I've been running a free promo via Amazon's Kindle Select program.  It's gone much better than the first three times.  In fact, there's been a noticeable difference in the download numbers and in the best seller list ranking for the book.  House of Mirrors now sits at #2 on Amazon's best seller list for free in the genre of Ghosts and #3 in the genre of Occult.
If Kindle Select does anything, it gives you a little motivation to keep finishing what you're currently working on.  Right now, I'm working on a suspense thriller that's set partially at my favorite place of all time--the beach.  I'll give more info as I get closer to completion.
Please feel free to check out my FREE novel this weekend.  This is the last day it will be on sale for free.
You can find House of Mirrors on the Amazon Kindle Store here.

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