Friday, March 29, 2013

Free e-book publishing platforms to sell your ebook

I'm planning on launching my debut novel "House of Mirrors" within the next two weeks, so I'm looking at all of the available platforms.  So far, I'm sold on trying Amazon's Kindle Select first.  You have to make your book exclusive to Kindle while enrolled in the program, but considering that's where most people do their book shopping, it makes good marketing sense.
I researched the various platforms available to indie authors, and I posted it below for others who are not interested in making their e-books exclusive to Kindle. 
If you're looking for free e-book publishing platforms on which to sell your latest e-book, then take a look at this short list.  These are free to sign up with unlike others who charge a fee.  I made a note of the ones who offer a 100 percent royalty.
Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing 35% - 70% royalty
Smashwords 60% - 85% royalty
KOBO Writing Life 70% - 80% royalty
PubIt! 40% - 65% royalty
EbookMall 50% royalty
Scribd 80% royalty
Blurb 80% royalty
MyeBook 90% royalty
PaySpree 90% - 100% royalty
Click2Sell 90% - 95% royalty
* Payhip 100% royalty
* BookTango 100% royalty

Monday, March 18, 2013

Free e-Books? Does it work?

This week I'm offering my short story collection "Death By Clogging" for free. I'm doing this as a promotion for the e-book and also as an experiment. Does it really help your ebook sales to offer your e-book for free? I'll find out and let you know in future posts. In the meantime, if you'd like to download my book Death By Clogging for free via it's at the link I could definitely use some reviewers!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Before and After: Cover makeover

Here's what my homemade book cover looked like before the book cover makeover:
The book cover artist who created my NEW book cover is Jeanine Henning. Look her up on Twitter at @JenVinci  I'm hoping to hire her again for another book I have in the works. 

Friday, March 8, 2013

New cover for Death By Clogging

My short story collection "Death By Clogging" got an extreme makeover!  If you want to know what it looked like before, just check out a few earlier posts and you'll see the old homemade version that I made.
I was lucky to find an excellent and talented book cover designer named Jeanine Henning @JenVinci to create a new cover for my book.  I wanted something weird to match the stories in Death By Clogging, and she did exactly that!  If you're looking for an excellent book cover artist at an affordable price, please check out Jeanine Henning's website at JH Illustration

Friday, March 1, 2013

Converting your e-book using Mobipocket eBook Creator

If you want to publish an e-book to Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing and you just don't want to hassle with formatting and converting the file on your own--try the free Mobipocket eBook Creator.  It's free software you can use to convert your Word file into a Mobipocket's MOBI file format.  A MOBI file is the equivalent of Amazon's proprietary e-book format AZW.  When you use Mobipocket, your Word file will be converted into an HTML file and then into a MOBI file that you can then upload to Amazon's KDP platform. 
With Mobipocket Creator, you can create e-books from Adobe PDF and TXT files as well as Word.  Also, the software includes a built-in converter that you can use to import PDF files, HTML, and images into your publication.  Another great feature is the Table of Contents Wizard which automatically creates links to the chapters of your ebook using smart heading extraction. 
Lastly, Mobipocket Creator helps protect your e-book from illegal copying by use of its Digital Rights Management (DRM) encryption.  The three security options included in Mobipocket Creator are 1. no encryption, 2. encrypted, and 3. password-protected. 
Overall, Mobipocket is easy to use and navigate.  It's a free tool that makes formatting and converting easier for e-book authors to publish on Amazon's KDP.  You can check out Mobipocket's e-book creator guide here.