Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What is an ASIN number on Amazon.com Kindle Direct Publishing?

If you’d like to promote your book on your website or blog, you’ll definitely want to insert some links to your book on the Amazon.com store if that’s where it’s published.
Amazon.com won’t allow you to put their trademarks on your website or blog, but you can link to the Amazon.com page that gives the details of your book.
Use the following URLS, but replace “ASIN” with the 10-digit ASIN or Amazon Standard Identification Number that’s listed on your book’s detail page on Amazon.com.  You’ll see it near the publisher and ISBN number area.
For example, here’s how the link to my book on Amazon looks:
See the number at the end?  That’s my ASIN number.  You’ll see it on the page when you go there.

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