Saturday, September 24, 2011

Rid your ebook of page numbers in Microsoft Word 2007

Get Rid of Page Numbers
First thing I needed to do was get rid of my page numbers from the document.  I couldn't do it by simply clicking on the Headers & Footers tab's "Page Break" button and then selecting "Remove Page Numbers."  The reason this didn't work is because the document was originally created in Word 97. 
The only way to get rid of the page numbers is the click on the document's Headers & Footers section at the top of one of the pages and delete the page number.  It deletes them all.  Thank goodness.
Insert Page Breaks
Then you need to insert page breaks at the end of each chapter.  That's easy.  If you have trouble with this in MS Word 2007, feel free to send me a note on twitter LisaLogan9  and I'll be glad to tell you how I did it.
Save document in Word 97 .DOC format
Next thing to do is save this buster in Word 97 format; NOT Word 2007's .DOCX format.  For some reason .docx does not convert well to Kindle.
I'll be back with more of my misadventures in e-publishing.

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